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Every year, the global dairy industry loses more than $10 billion worth of production because of undetected and untreated udder infections. Family farms and farmers with small herds are particularly affected by these infections.

EIO’s solution detects these infections dramatically sooner, and cheaper than any other approach currently on the market. Using a technique known as multispectral imaging, udder abnormalities are spotted as they form. This gives farmers the ability to identify animals affected by harmful pathogens, even at Somatic Cell Count (SCC) levels generally considered sub-clinical. Being able to identify a Staphylococcus aureus infection, even when a standard SCC test is showing levels below 200,000 SCC, gives farmers an effective tool for increasing herd health and minimizing production losses.

The EIO solution is available in two versions - a handheld device, and a larger unit for permanent mounting in automated milking parlours.

The handheld device is about the size and shape of a small tablet, and is used manually to inspect udders by walking behind or around the animals. It provides an immediate indication of udder health, typically in less than one second.

The barn-mounted device is designed for use in automated milking parlours. It integrates with DeLaval VMS or Lely Astronaut robotic milkers, identifying and monitoring cows as they enter the milking stall. It can also be integrated with automated feeders, leveraging existing animal identification systems.



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Damir Wallener, CEO

Damir Wallener knows how to move ideas into action and learning into refinement. He has managed multiple startup cycles and positive exits, has experience in all phases of product development, and has an extensive hardware/software patent history. Damir moves seamlessly between business development and the technical team, bringing out the best of both sides of the business process. He also crafts an impressive bourbon. 



Tamara Leigh, CMO

Tamara Leigh is a sense-maker, connector, and storyteller. An agricultural communications expert with extensive networks in agriculture and food production, media and government, she is responsible for shaping EIO’s story and compelling the right people to listen. Her work with farmers and ag organizations from ground to government has gifted Tamara with a deep appreciation and understanding of the sector that feeds us all.

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jeff sember, software architect

As a self-taught video game programmer, Jeff developed some best-selling sports titles before returning to university, where he received a Ph.D. in computational geometry. He thrives on solving challenging problems involving algorithms and data structures. Jeff is particularly adept at determining functional and non-functional requirements for novel software applications.


cory spencer, sr. tech advisor

Cory Spencer is a full stack developer, cheese maker, and manager of a 100-head goat dairy. His hands-on knowledge of running an integrated dairy operation was the original inspiration for EIO Diagnostics. Twenty years of software development experience powers the shift from inspiration to application. EIO’s foundational research and first proof of concept devices were designed and tested at his dairy facility in the Cowichan Valley.



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Wally Smith, FORMER President of dairy FArmers Canada

"EIO’s approach for detecting udder infections is unique and exciting. It is the first solution for early detection I have ever seen that actually makes economic sense for both medium and large sized farms across Canada."


Partner and Managing Director, FOOD-X

"At SOSV we look for companies that can dramatically impact meaningful markets. In EIO Diagnostics we see an innovative team creating a product with a clear economic benefit for dairy farmers of all sizes. By developing a product that also serves to improve the quality of life for the animals making this a genuine win-win opportunity. We are delighted to support the EIO team as they bring their technology to market."





EIO is looking for partners to help bring this solution to farms globally. If your farm or organization is interested in maximizing herd health and minimizing production losses, we’re interested in talking to you.